20 Best Kitchen Paint Colors You Should Try

Painting your kitchen is a great way to give it a new look. Not only will a new paint make your kitchen feel clean and fresh, but the right color will help update the look of your outdated kitchen cabinets. However, choosing the perfect paint colors for your kitchen can be a challenge.

You have to consider many elements, such as your kitchen cabinet color. You also have to consider the color of your kitchen appliances, countertops, and flooring. You need to learn how to choose paint colors that will look great on your kitchen. 

We’ve put together this handy guide on choosing the best kitchen paint colors to make your work easier. Let’s get started!

1. Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay

Kitchens with an earthy retro 70s vibe are becoming so popular. Pair your walnut cabinetry with this beautiful terracotta from Sherwin Williams. The warm reddish color is perfect for adding a bit of spice to the kitchen. This paint works well with natural wood tones, avocado green, purplish greys, and creamy white and golden yellow with a dark neutral color.

Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay
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2. Benjamin Moore Upper West Side

This kitchen paint color is warm enough to create a little drama without feeling dark or moody. This paint also looks thoroughly chic with white kitchen cabinetry. When you’re looking for a hint of color but not stray far from quiet hues, Benjamin Moore Upper West Side is the paint color for you.

3. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

This Benjamin Moore paints color works in the kitchen because it blends well with a range of colorful cabinetry. This paint makes white cabinets stand out, and the paint shade is also light enough to avoid closing off the feel of a room.

4. Sherwin Williams White Duck

Another best kitchen paint color to consider is White Duck by Sherwin Williams. It’s a pitch-perfect blend of beloved greige, meaning that it never feels too beige or grey as the light changes throughout the day. The neutral allows white subway to sing and provides a clean backdrop for rustic wood accents.

5. De Nimes Kitchen Color from Farrow & Ball

De Nimes is a shade from the Farrow & Ball paint line, which works well in the kitchen. The color has a touch of warmth, but it’s not too saturated or dark. This down-to-earth blue-green is among the best colors to anchor a contemporary kitchen with natural hues.

De Nimes Kitchen Color from Farrow & Ball
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Incorporate this paint on the upper half of the wall ties together with sprawling grey-streaked marble countertops and blue-black railings base cabinets and shelves. It enables you to achieve an ultra-functional space for meal prep with a moody style.

6. Pure White from Sherwin Williams

This all-white kitchen is a modern classic. The walls and cabinetry have been given a thorough coat of Dulux paint in Pure White, making this the ideal choice of color for high-gloss cabinets that better reflect light around the room.

A combination of white and grey – such as glossy floor tiles and wall-mounted stools keeps the look contemporary. A light oak worktop also helps to introduce warmth into this otherwise featureless space, while metallic silver bar stools provide a sophisticated touch.

7. Oyster Bay from Sherwin Williams

If you’re looking for the uncluttered charm of Scandinavian but still want some all-white color palette, then bath your kitchen walls in this lovely serene shade from Sherwin Williams. And when it comes to flooring, a mix of concrete and natural wood will create a cohesive yet artistic division in the room.

Oyster Bay from Sherwin Williams
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Flat paint in a softer grey is just one way to go with white cabinetry, especially if you have dark marble counters and backsplashes that need toning down. The grey acts as a bridge between the two distinct features of your kitchen, and it also brings a cool tone to this otherwise bright space.

8. Treron from Farrow and Ball

This is a dark grey-green that lends a touch of outdoors to traditional and modern kitchens. It acts as a complementary paint color for spaces with a lot of color going on, and it can lend a sense of luxury to a farmhouse kitchen.

A unique blue that looks more grey or green depending on your interior palette. It’s a great paint color for transitional kitchens with furniture in brown shades. The blue brings an unexpected pop of color but is still harmonious with other tones in the space.

A deep grey that evokes metal and machinery, a subtle alternative to black for traditional kitchens or transitional kitchens with dark finishes. It pairs well with brown tones, but try a blue-green like Sea Salt from Behr if you want a more complementary pairing.

9. Berry Brown Paint Color from Behr

A creamy pink-beige that’s chic and modern. This paint color for kitchen cabinets is especially appealing if you like to cook with red or pink hues, as the pale shade will complement them nicely without competing.

A warm grey that combines tans, browns, and beiges. If you’re looking for kitchen paint colors with white cabinets that will blend into a variety of settings, this is an excellent choice. The lighter off-white cabinets and lustrous hardwood floors provide balance while ensuring that the darker color of the walls doesn’t overpower the space.

10. Golden Field from PPG

This is one of the most effective kitchen color ideas to cheer up your space, especially when combined with large windows. You can uplift your kitchen space by painting your subway tile with the golden field, white cabinets, and baby-blue drapes.

11. White on White from PPG

This kitchen color scheme is very classy and simple, with just the right amount of punch. The clean white paint on your cabinets and walls will allow for a little bit of shine from the appliances and tiles. Integrate white on white walls, counters, shelves, and island stools if your kitchen feels more open than its actual footprint.

White on White from PPG
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12. Glidden Red Delicious

For those of you who are fans of red, this one’s for you. It’s not the most popular kitchen color scheme, but it still manages to work well with any other colors you’re planning to use in your kitchen. The deep red tone on the cabinets is balanced with warm tones on the walls and flooring.

Pair the classic red with cabinetry in its complementary color of cerulean blue for a truly luxurious look. You can also turn down the red with a rich grey or a delicious darker brown like a caramel candy apple.

13. Sherwin Williams Let it Rain

An off-white kitchen is simple, clean, and warm. The light color of the walls reflects light around the room, making it feel larger than its actual measurements. You can always add darker accents for pop like the island or accessories.

Paint your cabinets in this soft color to give them more staying power over time. This paint color combines elements of invigorating blue with calming grey undertones to create the perfect balance.

14. The Spruce Best Home First Frost

This is a milky blue with grey undertones similar to Let it Rain by Sherwin Williams, but it is more of a true blue. This lighter color on the walls allows you to have more freedom when choosing your cabinetry and appliances. There will be less contrast between cabinets and walls, so you can choose darker colors for both without it looking odd.

It boasts of both bright and warm colors. The neutral colors create a calm and serene feel in the room, and the natural light that filters through the windows enhances this effect even more without making it too much on the eyes when you’re in the kitchen all day long. It’s the perfect foundation for a modern kitchen with rose, copper, and gold tones metallic accents. It can also pair with natural wood shelving.

15. Magnolia Homes Cinnamon Sugar

A lot of people use this paint color because it is versatile. It can go perfectly with cool as well as warm colors that already exist in the room. The color palette ranges from neutral to bright and bold, perfect for those who want to create a unique look at home by mixing and matching different elements from their interiors.

Its subtle tan base with pink notes makes your kitchen tranquil and serene. It is a great option for a light, airy kitchen that keeps its decor modern and simple yet elegant. Even though it may seem a bit dull, this shade of dark grey has a lot going on in it.

From the look of the color itself, you might think it would make your kitchen appear darker, but the opposite is true. If you have issues with too much brightness in your kitchen, this color can also help tone down or balance it out for a more calming atmosphere. This is the perfect neutral shade for those who wish to incorporate orange into their kitchens without entirely turning up the heat on their decor. It’s warm enough to provide some accent but still maintains a very relaxed feeling overall.

16. Raffia Ribbon from Behr

Capture the sun-soaked ambiance of the French countryside with warm yet rustic kitchen paint colors. This paint color helps you create the undeniable country charm in your culinary corner. After applying it to the paneled walls of your kitchen, you will notice the warmer hues underneath coming through to offer a cozy atmosphere.

17. Farrow Ball Stiffkey Blue

If you’re looking for a fantastic paint color for your kitchen, this is the best option. Its elegant and timeless color brings a natural feel into your space, plus the depth of the sea and vast sky. The tone of this color works well with other light or bright colors while adding subtle sophistication to your space. It’s also a perfect complement to colors such as green, lilac, and green.

18. Benjamin Moore Regent Green

A very dark green paint color is suitable in older homes with more traditional cabinetry. So, if your home looks old, you cannot lack a perfect paint color for your kitchen. Regent Green by Benjamin Moore is a smart choice for painted cabinets. This color works well with more traditional décor while adding warmth and depth to your space. It looks great on oak cabinets.

19. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Choosing a dark blue cabinet paint color is ideal for making a small kitchen appear more spacious. Hale navy is one of the most popular Benjamin Moore paint colors that work well with oak cabinets. It’s a great complement for woods and stone or marble countertops, as well as white, grey, and yellow walls.

Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore
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It looks good in matte or satin finish mixed with matte black, which pulls on cabinets for contemporary style.

20. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray HC-170

Another great color for mid-toned kitchens is grey paint colors. Quarried Oak by Benjamin Moore is a warm grey with green undertones, ideal for cabinetry if you have dark walls and cabinets. Its warmth stops the space from feeling cold or monotone. It looks great with warm, honeyed hardwood floors.

FAQs on Best Kitchen Paint Colors

What is the most popular color for the kitchen?

The most popular color for the kitchen is grey because it’s bold, clean, and remains versatile. It also allows a neutral backdrop to add your personality with colored cabinets and kitchen accessories.

Final Thought on Best Kitchen Paint Colors

Painting your kitchen is a great way to refresh the space and give it an entirely new look. The color you choose will depend on your personal preference, but there are some colors that work better in the kitchen than others.


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