Swiffer Sweeper Vs Wetjet

Swiffer Sweeper and WetJet are the most common mopping Systems on the market. They are both very affordable, and you can find them at your local grocery store. The great thing about both of these products is that they don’t require any special training to use them. Just add a cleaning solution of your choice, whether it be water or an industrial-strength cleaner, and mop away.

In this comparison, you find the differences in setup, usage performance, cost, and more. Let’s get started.

The 7 Best Swiffer Sweeper and WetJet Alternatives
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How Swiffer sweeper and wetjet work

Swiffer Sweeper & WetJet Kits are easy to assemble. The sweeper assembly must attach the mop head to the grip by attaching one of the pieces. The WetJet installation process requires opening and placing the four AA batteries that are included in the kit. To mop, press the spray button on the upper part of the handle then run the mop all over your floor.

The solution dispensers spray into the center providing accurate measurement of where the cleaner needs to reside. When your spray bottle has finished, you must replace it and then you can change your pad if it goes dirty. Both kits have good instructions in a lot of places.

Included accessories

If you get the starter kit, there are some things to keep in mind. Since it is a starter kit, there are all sorts of items that are included in the package including the cleaning solution and cleaning cloth. However, this also means that the items included are only part of the “trial” version. It usually costs about $10 for two refills which should last significantly longer than your sample bottle.

The cloths come in a resealable plastic bag and it is suggested that you use these one at a time because they do not have any extra cleaning solution behind them.

Following the instructions is simple. There’s a spray button on top that you press down on to release the cleaning solution onto your floor and then move it in a back and forth, up and down motion.

Swiffer Sweeper Compare

The sweeper model has a quite different design. It comes equipped with a 2X-large mopping pad that covers most of the head (the WetJet Model uses smaller pads). You can attach any two-in-one mop cloths or Swiffer dry mop cloths. The hardwood-friendly mop head breaks down dirt particles without leaving any streaks behind like some traditional mops do.

Differences and Uses

The WetJet has refillable bottles while the sweeper uses disposable. Disposables are less expensive but you have to continue buying them every time you run out of a solution.The WetJet is larger and heavier than the sweeper model. This makes it harder to carry around when cleaning, while the light sweeper can easily be held in one hand. Also, with a bigger mop head, the WetJet can cover more ground faster than the Swiffer Sweeper. This saves users time and energy because they get their rooms cleaned up faster.The WetJet includes batteries that power its system for easy usage compared to the on/off switches found on most mopping systems. The extra batteries provide a longer usage time than the Swiffer Sweeper since you do not have to buy new ones when it’s time to replace them.Both models are designed with the same “up and down” motion that requires users to continue cleaning until their floors are completely clean. This is a good system because it shows how hard they’re working. However, more strenuous work can be had with this process if using the WetJet model.

Downsides of the Wetjet sweeper 

Several WetJet clean-up products contain harsh smells. Please keep pets and children away during your cleaning and ensure that the whole place has been properly ventilated. Both require customers to obtain refillable pads or a cleaner. The Sweeper seems to be inexpensive initially, but because you constantly have to buy refills the costs can quickly accumulate. Many customers claim the Wetjet fits under most furniture more easily than the Sweeper. Customers complain the dropper bottles are too small and run out rapidly. Others complain that the solution leaks or the spraying system are uneven.


The WetJet is a tool for deep cleaning and much larger messes. The WetJet’s wet pads last approximately 300 square inches before they dry out, requiring you to change the pad. The WetJet is easy to operate due to the pivoting head and if you opt for a larger 1.5x variant you can cover a larger area more conveniently. All are good and viewed with high respect.

What is included in the package?

Swiffer makes and supplies Sweeper and wetjet – specialized cleaning instruments are included with their starter kits and accessories. The WetJet starter kit includes a mop with a cleaning solution, five mop pads, and four AA batteries. For bigger residences, the Sweeper X-Large Kit is 1 and half times larger than the original.

You can also buy a heavy-duty pet cloth, that is filled with more than 300,000 3-D fibers, keeping the residues of your pet trimmed from your pet. The WetJet Wood Starter Kit is designed for wood floors (including both hardwood and laminate) and the pad is softer and gentler.

Cleaning performance: A little elbow grease needed

Swiffer WetJet traps moisture and removes stains effectively. In a few strokes, the scratches became history. Also, the dry clean machine has a great ability to remove staining without any effort.  The WetJet and the “Extra Power” Pads were tested to clean bathing room floors in the same fashion and the results were good. The Swiffer WetJet is great for cleaning your hardwood floors, but the Swiffer Sweeper does not do a good job on tile flooring. The solution for cleaning tiles and grout should include a vinegar and baking soda mixture or a specialized tile/stone cleaner found at local hardware stores.

Wetjet Technology: Powder-based technology with water

Swiffer wetjet is engineered in a way that its mop pad will work in a two-step process: the first one absorbs the powder and the other traps dust effectively by trapping it in between microfibers. An independent study also confirms this unique technology holds 70 percent more dirt than other leading brands. This means you can clean more dirt from the surface.

How to Use a Swiffer to Clean Floors (and So Much More)
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Final thoughts on Swiffer sweeper vs wetjet

In conclusion, the Swiffer Sweeper and the WetJet both offer effective cleaning. With all this in mind, it may be hard to say which one is better because of all the great advantages. The WetJet offers more convenience and the ability to deep clean while the Swiffer sweeper provides ease of use but still gets some tough stains.

Choosing the best model for your needs ultimately depends on the specifics that you’re after.

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