4 Things You Need for a Cook’s Dream Kitchen

Do you love experimenting in the kitchen? Is there a constant collection of cookbooks spread across your countertop as you search for the perfect recipe? Do friends and family insist on hosting events at your place because they know you’ll make the best meal? For some, cooking is a chore, but for others, cooking is a lifestyle. If you fit into this category, you will want to think about smart ways to maximize your space to best accommodate your passion.  One way to improve the efficiency of your kitchen is to renovate. By doing so, you can make sure that you have everything you need for a cook’s dream kitchen.

1. Layout & Storage

open gray kitchen island using voided doors for storage space.

Renovating your kitchen with a quality design maximizes the layout and storage of your space, making it easier for you to cook. Every kitchen is broken down in to four different zones that help with various activities within the kitchen. As an active cook, you will want to consider the tools, ingredients, and processes used in each of these zones to find the best flow. A kitchen designer can help you identify the best layout for your space. This can be done by adding the right storage solution to the zone. Additionally, adding the correct storage to each zone greatly impacts your cooking flow.

The Zone – Pantry Storage

Perhaps you enjoy working with fresh produce for every meal or you have a small hoard of pasta stashed away for Italian night. The Pantry section of your kitchen stores your groceries and non-consumable items such as pots and pans, silverware, and tableware. You will want to locate these items in easy-to-access areas so that cooking is not delayed by hunting through cluttered drawers and cabinets.

The Storage Solution – Pantry Cabinet

A pantry cabinet offers plenty of space to store items until they are ready to use. It is often found near the refrigerator so that all food can be easily accessed within the same zone.

Kitchen remodeling project features CliqStudios.com inset cabinets in the Austin cabinet style in a painted White finish. Features include this built-in tall pantry cabinet with slide-out shelves for easy-reach storage and organization.

The Zone – Sink Storage

Cleaning is an essential part of the cooking process. You want your sink storage area to make washing and putting away dishes and clearing away messes as efficient and organized as possible. Since much of your cleaning in the kitchen involves using the sink, it is best to keep cleaning supplies in a nearby cabinet.

The Storage Solution – Pull-out Trash and Recycling

A Pull-out Trash and Recycling bin is a great example of the perfect tool to keep near your sink. This solution with help you easily dispose of messes and keep them out of sight.

Empty wastebaskets in an open wastebasket cabinet. Above it, a drawer is open containing boxes.

The Zone – Prep Storage

In the prep storage area of your kitchen, you will find all of the items needed to prepare your food. As an active cook, you will want frequently used items like utensils and cutting boards close to the counterspace where you prepare your food.

The Storage Solution – Tray Divider Cabinet 

Available for base cabinets, refrigerator walls cabinets and over drawer cabinets, the Tray Divider cabinet makes it easy to stash

CliqStudios Homan Carlton Tray Divider Cabinet in White.

The Zone – Cooking Storage

Your ingredients are prepared. Now it’s time to cook them. Cooking storage is found in the space where you create prepare your meals. Having ample counterspace available in this zone will give you room to set out ingredients.

The Storage Solution – Pots and Pans Drawer 

Say farewell to wasting precious cooking time digging for the right pot or pan. Instead, a Pots and Pan Drawer makes items easily accessible.

CliqStudios Dayton pots and pans cabinet in Painted Carbon storing black cookware

2. Cooking Technology

With an increase in tech savvy home cooks, the use of voice assistance in the kitchen is on the rise. A voice assistant like Alexa or Siri is used to help with many tasks in the kitchen from looking up recipes to providing assistance while cooking. Some homeowners are even opting to have voice assistance control kitchen lighting, appliances, and faucets. According to the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence, about 3 out of 10 homeowners who use voice assistance use them for cooking and other kitchen needs.

3. Open Counter Space

As we mentioned before, having counterspace is critical to the flow of cooking. Prevent future headaches by factoring plenty of room to prepare and present meals in your kitchen. This might mean adding a kitchen island or peninsula to serve as your prep area. Alternatively, you may decide to eliminate having items on top of your counters to free-up more room. If you are going this route, consider adding more storage solutions to create more places to stash away counter clutter. It is practical to put appliances in locations that don’t reduce counterspace. A Microwave cabinet tucks your microwave neatly out of the way and is easily accessible. Additionally, Spice shelves, tall pantry cabinets, and drawers are all great options to consider when making more room.

4. Choose Quality Cabinets

In addition to picking cabinets with smart storage, you will want to make sure you select cabinets that can withstand an active kitchen. Search for high quality cabinet construction to prolong the life of your kitchen remodel. At CliqStudios, our cabinets are durable, arrive fully-assembled, and are made using quality materials. They are easy to clean and with a variety of storage solutions, make it easy to incorporate the things you need for a cook’s dream kitchen.

Selecting the right cabinets for you is one of the critical steps in creating your dream kitchen. All of our CliqStudios cabinet lines provide storage solutions for every work zone and budget. Get started with our designers today and bring your cook’s dream kitchen to life.

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